Weather Flashback

September 2021 - Peachy Sky (September 27, 2020


The color of the sky on this stormy evening in late September probably resembled the color of what was for sale at this roadside stand (i.e., peach ice cream). The peachy sky was a result of red dirt from upstream being swept up and incorporated into colliding and coalescing rain drops. These drops were then rained down overhead, creating the "dirty peach" colored appearance in evening light; not long before those drops left red colored imprints on the building shown. I say "colliding and coalescing" because the none of the larger drops from this storm were red colored; only the smaller drops were colored red. This suggests that the red rain developed from warm rain processes in the cloud, hardly ice.

Plate 1. Peachy Sky. Captured on September 27, 2020 at 7:25pm CDT. Looking northeast from 34.80°, -96.97°.