Most of my education has been focused on weather and climate (i.e., meteorology). My inquires into weather and climate began during early childhood and have continued to develop ever since. These inquires have allowed me to understand much more about weather and climate as well as other arts and sciences.


Bachelor of Science in Atmospheric Sciences, The University of North Dakota[1]

Master of Science in Geography with a Cognate in Atmospheric Sciences, The University of North Dakota[2]

Doctor of Philosophy study in Geography and Environmental Sustainability, The University of Oklahoma[3]


Graduate Certificate in Earth Observation Science for Society and Sustainability (EOS3), The University of Oklahoma[4]

Professional Ethics Training, Responsible Conduct of Research, National Institutes of Health / National Science Foundation / The University of Oklahoma


National Science Foundation Research Traineeship Fellow, Research, The University of Oklahoma

Town Halls


Virtual Town Hall w/Pres. Harroz & OU Admin Team


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at OU Symposium 2018

Atmospheric Science Applications of Ground-Based Phased Array Radars Workshop

Beginner LaTeX Workshop

CopterSonde UAS Training[5]

Cyberinfrastructure Facilitator Virtual Residency Workshop 2021

Data Carpentry Workshop

2nd Radar Aeroecology Training School

  1. I earned my bachelor's degree under the 2009-2011 Undergraduate and Graduate Academic Catalog, pp. 77-78.
  2. I earned my master's degree under the 2013-2015 Undergraduate and Graduate Academic Catalog, pp. 347-48.
  3. I am earning my doctor's degree under the 2020-2021 OU General Catalog: here.
  4. I earned my graduate certificate under the 2019-2020 OU General Catalog: here.
  5. Training on the theory of operation and use of CopterSonde UAS in restricted airspace with OU CASS in May 2021.