Weather Flashback

May 2020 - Lattice Grass (November 9, 2014)


A fresh dusting of light snow interacts with cool, drop-coated, senescent tall grass at Kellys Slough National Wildlife Refuge in North Dakota. This light dusting of snow occurred on the cold side of an Arctic front. Precipitation in the cool air ahead of the southward advancing front featured a period of light rain. These drops collected on grass blades and underwent very little evaporation in the cool polar air ahead of the approaching Arctic front. When snow began falling on the cold side of the Arctic front, numerous ice lattice beads formed in response to the snowflakes freezing the aforementioned drops.

Plate 1. Lattice Grass. Captured on November 9, 2014 at 2:49pm CST. Looking northwest from 47.99°, -97.26°.