Weather Flashback

November 2022 - Daylight on the Dock (June 16, 2017)


It was 9:13am and my shift as a package handler was through. One of the benefits of being in this portion of the center I labored through then was its proximity to a large roll-up doorway and dock free of truck; which permitted excellent views of twilight (not shown) in addition to whatever else was going on weather-wise, outside. On this June morning, we package handlers were offered Gatorade by management on break about two hours earlier to help cool us down and to rehydrate. Despite the door being open, not much air moved through the doorway. This was probably because air being blown into the building via a large, ceiling-mounted blower fan behind me (that I was unable to change speed or pivot then) forced air inside to diverge with air outside near the doorway. At best, there were a few eddies that whirled around near the doorway similar to dust devils under domes of high pressure, but those motions were highly irregular streams; hence, it was hit or miss whether a handler near the doorway would get a brief "blast" of wind to assist in cooling them down at around that time.  

Plate 1. Daylight on the Dock. Captured on June 16, 2017 at 9:13am CDT. Looking east from 47.95°, -97.07°.