Weather Flashback

December 2020 - Brief Winter Wonderland (January 4, 2019)


The wintry scene captured on this cool January morning in hilly, east Norman was the result of a freezing and frozen precipitation event that ended a few hours prior. While situated at more southern versus northern latitudes in the United States, Oklahoma occasionally gets wintry precipitation like freezing rain, sleet and snow. However, the ice and snow shown here mostly melted by afternoon. The melt was primarily driven by warmth generated by down-slope flow in the lee of the Rockies in the wake of a departing Dixie connection-type area of low-pressure. More information about this storm event can be found: here

Plate 1. Brief Winter Wonderland. Captured on January 4, 2019 at 7:52am CST. Looking east from 35.25°, -97.39°.