Weather Flashback

March 2022 - Tornado from 183 (April 23, 2021


A strong "stove pipe" type tornado can be seen in this scene. The tornado was about 10 to 15 miles to my southwest. Churning under the base of a towering supercell thunderstorm, this tornado was easy to view from a distance at a side road pull off along Highway 183 in southwest Oklahoma. Oftentimes, tornadoes are surrounded by precipitation and/or spotters are surrounded by a variety of landscape features like buildings and trees; either of which can make spotting a tornado difficult. Sometimes, tornadoes are also rather ephemeral; they can appear and reappear multiple times over their respective lifecycles, even though it is probably the same tornado. None of those spotter-negating factors were the case with this tornado during my 10 minutes or so of spotting. More information about this storm event can be found: here.

Plate 1.Tornado from 183. Captured on April 23, 2021 at 6:19pm CDT. Looking southwest from 35.24°, -99.08°.