Weather Flashback

May 2022 - Hedley Hideout (March 13, 2021


In this scene, dust and stratocumulus clouds are racing northwestward towards a nearby tornadic supercell thunderstorm. This made viewing a tornado on this date very difficult, even though this was indeed the Texas Panhandle. The airborne dust was a result of widespread dry soils coupled with strong, gusty winds across the region. The stratocumulus clouds started out as a deck of stratus clouds farther to the south and east, then began to convect more as the layer moved north and west; hence, becoming stratocumulus clouds. Although I had no cell coverage along a majority of 203, my phone came to life in Hedley to alert me of a tornado in the area. Still, I had no internet then nor was I able to hear NOAA Weather Radio. Hence, when combined with the poor viewing conditions, the lack of data on the nearby storm made Hedley feel more like a hideout than anything else!  

Plate 1. Hedley Hideout. Captured on March 13, 2021 at 6:12pm CST. Looking northeast from 34.87°, -100.66°.