Weather Flashback

January 2023 - The Look of Hail (June 8, 2022)


Shortly after dropping Kes off at school, Meah (Bon) and I noted a greenish hue to the otherwise low, gray overcast. Realizing that heavy precipitation was near via RadarScope, we reasoned that the greenish hue might be a sign of hail with the approaching storm. While it seems reasonable that not all greenish-hued storm clouds are associated with hail (see Bohren and Fraser 1993, Gallagher III, Beasley and Bohren 1996, and Gedzelman 2017, for example), I have never observed hail that was not associated with at least somewhat of a greenish-hued sky in the minutes leading up to it hailing. This June morning was no exception; hail up to at least the size of golf balls having occurred about one-mile to the southwest, as the crow flies, shortly after I captured this scene. This severe thunderstorm continued south and east across southern portions of Norman while we hung back to inspect (more) hailstones, roadside, adjacent to a horse ranch on Norman's westside. 

Plate 1. The Look of Hail. Captured on June 8, 2022 at 8:35am CDT. Looking southwest from 35.247°, -97.514°.


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