Weather Flashback

October 2020 - Going Green (April 12, 2020)


This scene was captured from the parking lot of the cafe scene in the movie Twister on the west side of Maysville, Oklahoma. On this day, a severe hail producing thunderstorm with transient supercellular characteristics loomed to the north and west of town beyond the grayish-green stratocumulus clouds overhead. While grayish-green skies are not always an indicator of hail, every hail producing storm that I have observed featured a greenish hue in the minutes leading up to it hailing. Prior to arriving at the scene, I narrowly avoided being impact by large(er) hail from this storm farther to the north and west at Payne, Oklahoma: here

Plate 1. Going Green. Captured on April 12, 2020 at 2:54pm CDT. Looking northwest from 34.82°, -97.44°.