Weather Flashback

February 2022 - Ground Blizzard (February 26, 2014


On this frigid, late February evening in the Red River (of the North) Basin, strong, gusty winds following the passage of a (dry) cold front generated a wall of wind-blow ice and snow. The wall extended several thousand feet into the air and resulted in very limited visibility, although less so in localized areas of urban canopy and tree cover. Nevertheless, this wall with its strong, gusty winds led to blizzard conditions throughout the area for several hours, immobilizing some, rather unexpectedly. I think what threw most of those individuals off (including at least two semi truck drivers that I befriended later on) was the lack of clouds and precipitation beforehand. 

Plate 1. Ground Blizzard. Captured on February 26, 2014 at 6:03pm CST. Looking west (or west-southwest to be more accurate, perhaps) from 47.90°, -97.10°.