Weather Flashback

July 2020 - Name that Blizzard (January 26, 2014)


This blizzard was one of several blizzards to impact eastern North Dakota and northwest Minnesota during the 2013/14 "blizzard season". Similar to hurricanes, blizzards are defined by sustained high winds and some have colloquially been named as such by area residents (e.g. "Blizzard Alex", "Blizzard Hannah"). On this day, Amtrak's eastbound Empire Builder that originated in Portland and Seattle was delayed more than 12 hours due to blizzard conditions. Area airports and roads did not fare much better with cancelled flights and impassable highways. This included a closure of Interstate 29 in North Dakota and a portion of Route 2 in eastern North Dakota and northwest Minnesota. Isolated tree, power line and even some damage to buildings was observed as high wind gusts buffeted the area.

Plate 1. Name that Blizzard. Captured on January 26, 2014 at 2:04pm CST. Looking southwest from 47.92°, -97.11°.