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Recent Storm Spotting Trips

This subsection contain a link to a page featuring some of my recent storm spotting trips. Each trip includes a map of the area and pins that display an image of the scene captured (images are stored in my "Storms" photo album). Also included are storm related notes that I jot down while spotting. These notes are the labels for scenes on maps.

Storm Spotting Trips

About Storm Spotting

My storm spotting trips involve capturing disturbed states of Earth's atmosphere using a camera, positioning those measurements in space and time and then sharing those measurements with others [1]. I tend to spot thunderstorm activity, blizzards, ice storms and snow storms most. I am a degreed meteorologist and am adequately equipped to spot storms for the National Weather Service. Unlike many "storm chasers" who I am familiar with, I seldom go out of my way by more than 50 miles or so to spot. Such small trips usually prevent me from capturing the most severe of storms in a region on any given day. Nevertheless, storm spotting for me has been very rewarding because every time I go storm spotting I learn something new!

1. AMS Glossary of Meteorology, s.v. "Storm," accessed May 20, 2018,; "What is SKYWARN," SKYWARN, accessed May 20, 2018.

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