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This subsection contain a link to a page featuring some of my recent storm spotting trips. Each trip includes a map of the area and pins that display an image of the scene captured (images are stored in my "Storms" photo album). Also included are storm related notes that I jot down while spotting. These notes are the labels for scenes on maps.

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A First Course in Atmospheric Thermodynamics

Aerographer's Mate, Module 1-Surface Weather Observations

Aerographer's Mate, Module 2-Miscellaneous Observation's and Codes

Aerographer's Mate, Module 3-Environmental Satellites and Weather Radio

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Synoptic-Dynamic Meteorology in Midlatitudes: Volume I: Principles of Kinematics and Dynamics

Synoptic-Dynamic Meteorology in Midlatitudes: Volume II: Theory and Observation of Weather Systems

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